jeudi 30 juin 2011

Murmuüre LP

Nous continuons notre bout de chemin avec Aurora Borealis le label anglais, mais pour être honnête c'est avec Cold Void Emanations (Fr) que nous avons travaillés cette fois. Deux très bon labels s'accocient pour sortir un disque essentiel. une musique très "spécifique" avec une démarche forte... tout est dit ci après...

VOID14 - MURMUÜRE - Murmuüre LP
-Esoteric, heathen, ritual Black Magick.

"All Murmuüre material is based on a one hour guitar improvisation from November 2006. Selected parts were further edited to fit a rythmic structure, and merged with additional layers of sound. This process of mixing & endless re-writing took 3 years until final completion. The percussions are a mixture of the original programmed drums, and some (extremely re-edited) additional live drumming.
Vocals were recorded during a cathartic trance at a sacred place in the forest, with a mini-disc recorder. Being almost inaudible in the music, they're strictly conceived as a vocal sigil technique, a vehicle for intent. The 30 minutes long, self-titled release is possibly the first and last Murmuüre record.
I've put so much in it that it will be hard to match, and there would be no point in doing something more just for the sake of it.".

One year after publishing this eccentric masterpiece on cassette, C:V:E unleashes a much-deserved (and belated) vinyl edition, in conspiracy with AURORA BOREALIS.
Comes on black wax in a silkscreened fold-out sleeve (featuring the original, rearranged cassette layout), with a minimal A4 insert. Red or gold sleeve available. This release consists of various handcrafted elements assembled in a profound DIY spirit, in conjunction to the sounds it harbours.
Limited to 500 copies. (Visuals coming soon.)

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